Silvanet Border Gateway

Early detection wildfire alerts are made possible thanks to Dryad’s Border Gateway.

The Silvanet Border Gateway is placed at the border of the target forest area, typically in a forest house or near a village. The Border Gateway communicates with the Silvanet Cloud Platform, relaying messages from Wildfire Sensors (directly or indirectly via Mesh Gateways). Connectivity is provided wirelessly using the built-in LTE radio (using 4G/LTE-M with 2G/GPRS fallback) or using the built-in Ethernet adapter via a wired Internet connection. For remote deployments where there is no mobile network coverage and no access to mains power, the Silvanet Border Gateway has built-in support for satellite uplink using the SWARM satellite network. It can be operated on mains power or powered by a solar cell.


⬢    Solar or mains powered
⬢    Built-in satellite communications (SWARM)
⬢    Extends to large areas with Mesh Gateway


⬢    Ethernet, 4G/LTE-M, 2G/GPRS fallback
⬢    LoRaWAN compliant
⬢    Firmware Update Over-the-Air

Mesh Network Architecture